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Middle of February 2015 most popular photos

Below are the top three most looked at photos on this website so far during February 2015.

Number 1 (218 views) : Adidas full body suit
Adidas full body suit

Number 2 (171 views) : Stevens racing suit
Stevens racing suit

Number 3 (140 views) : Wetsuit cycling
Wetsuit cycling

Had a great day cycling with a mate

Today I met up with a friend that I have been chatting to on the net for year and years… But till today, never got around to meeting up. It was great to get to meet you at long last Mark.

While he was here, both both had good look around Stamford. When he first got here, we went to Marks & Spencer to get some food. Then after that we went cycle to Burghley House. Then we cycled to Tallington to watch some train go nice on the ECML. Then after that we did some more cycling around the place. Before cycling back to Stamford, where we stopped at The Tobie Norris, we were hopping to get there, but did not start food service till 6pm. So we just had a nice drink and chat there, before going to Ask, which was lucky doing food. Big thanks to Mark, for picking up the bill. I will make sure I pay the next time. Then after the meal, we cycled around for a bit longer before he got the train back down to London town. So thanks once again to Mark for a fun filled day.

If you want to see the full cycle we did. Here is the map from the cycle :).