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Fun day at Alton Towers

Today I went to Alton Towers with a group of people from work (Peterborough Greyhound Stadium). It was a great day out, 10 of us went in total. But only 8 of us stayed together. It was so much fun. Don’t think I have ever got on so many rides. Most times I am lucky if I get ion 5 rides. So here in no order I all, since I can’t remember the correct order. I got on Nemesis (twice), Air, Oblivion (twice), Thirteen, Rita, Congo River Rapid and Hex. BTW Hex is crap!!! only went on it, 2 see if it was has bad, as everyone said and it was.

Below is a group photo of us all. They are some more photos kicking around that I need to get my hands on.

Alton Towers trip 2011