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Third cycle of 2019 ✅

That’s me now done my third cycle of 2019! Do think, I need to come up with a better title! Will get boring, when it reads, 100 cycle of 2019! LOL!

I did 21.55 miles, making is the longest cycle of the year so far! Also the cycle with the bigger elevation gain, which was 254 metres. But my average speed was way down to 10.8 mph.

Oh and also, when I was out cycling. I got to see something that does not happy very often and that was a closed A1. Which was due to lorry overturned, south of Colsterworth.

You can check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/activities/2071027105

February 2013 cycling statistics

Here are my cycling statistics for February 2013. I am pleased with the number of miles I did this last month (February). It’s just about made up for the very bad January that I had. Since I did 158.8 more miles than I did in February 2012.

So far my yearly stands at 644.6 miles. Total miles since April 2003 is now at 27,559.9.

Here is the data from February 2013:-

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Here are my favourite cycling photos from the month

Wetsuit cyclingRutland WaterRutland WaterA1 between Little Ponton and Great PontonOut cycling

16-Feb-2013 : Best average speed of the year so far

This cycle ended up being a lot longer than planned. When I set off my goal was so do around 25 miles, but I ended up doing 33.76. Making it the longest cycle of February 2013 so far. It also ended up being the cycle with the best average speed so far, set at 13.3 mph.

I only took two photos during the cycle. All at the same location, which was next to the A1 between Little Ponton and Great Ponton. So here is my favourite out of the two of them.

A1 between Little Ponton and Great Ponton

I will now leave you with the route map, elevation graph and route statistics.

Route map:-

16-02-2013 bike ride

Elevation graph:

16-02-2013 bike ride elevation graph

Route statistics:-

  • Distance: 33.76 miles.
  • Time: 2:32:23 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 13.3 mph.
  • Max Speed: 31.7 mph.
  • Elevation Gain: 326 meters.
  • Min Elevation: 43 meters.
  • Max Elevation: 136 meters.

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Thursday – 14th October 2004

The route from Killearn to Little Bytham

Today I had the fun job of driving my car all 321 miles back down to Little Bytham. The journey started at 9:15am when I set off, from my parents house in Killearn. I left at that time to make sure that I missed the rush hour in Glasgow City centre and also on the M8. Which is busy at the best of times and would be hell on earth at rush hour.

Lucky by the time I joined the M8 in Glasgow most of the fog that had been with me since leaving Killearn had gone. I did not really like the idea of having to drive in fog on the motorway.

I was glad when I had got the motorway section around Glasgow out of the way. I joined the M8 motorway at junction 16. I stayed on the M8 for about 8 miles. Before joining the M73, then I stayed on M73 for about 2 miles before joining the A74(M).

I stayed on the A74(M) all the way to Gretna Green service station. Where I stopped at 11:00am (100 miles into the journey) to get a drink, something to eat and text my Mum and Dad to keep them updated, on how my journey was going to far. I was only at the service station for about 10 minutes, before getting on my way again.

Just after leaving Gretna Green you go over the bother and into England. Then the A74(M) goes down to the A74 which is not a nice section of road at all, because it’s only dual carriageway. But lucky it’s only like that was about 6 miles. Before it becomes motorway again and your on the M6.

I then stayed on the M6 till junction 40, which is just passed Penrith. Then I joined the A66 which is a great road that goes over the top of the Pennines. I really like the A66 before you get very really great views from it, on a clear day, which lucky it was. Most of the A66 was clear from any holdups. There was one section that had some roadwork’s, but lucky it only added about 15 minutes to the journey.

I was happy when I had cleared the A66 section of the journey and was safely at the service station at Scotch Corner. I got there at 12:45pm (181 miles into the journey). While I was there, I texted my parents again, while to the loo, had more to drink. And also filled my car up with fuel to make sure that I did could do the rest of the journey, without running out.

Once I left the service station. I joined the A1 which I would stay on for 135 miles. Before coming off at Morkery Lane then onto Little Bytham and home.

So over all it was a very good journey. In total it was 322 miles and I got to Little Bytham at 3:25pm.