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Think the website is back to normal!

I am sure, that my website is running 100% again!

Oh and big thanks to someone from 34sp.com emailing at me 8:00pm, last night, just to check that it was still running, like it should! Doubt many other hosts, would do that!

Moving to a new server (9th January 2013)

34SP logoI got the following email from my host last week.

“As part of an ongoing programme to improve the service we deliver to you, we will be migrating your professional hosting account for gordon-valentine.com from the server currently powering it to a more powerful, up to date server.

As part of this move, Plesk will no longer be involved as the control panel on your server and all changes to your account can be made through our control panel.

Your website will be unavailable for up to an hour next Wednesday 9th January 2013.

E-mail will not be affected during this move.”

So when you can’t access this website for a number of hours today at some point you know why.

Photo gallery issues : 17/12/2012

Right now the photo gallery system is having issues. If you go to www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/ and then try to view a photo. You will be showing the following message “You don’t have permission to access
> /zenphoto/*FILENAME*.jpg.php on this server.

Then you will be locked out of this website for around 10 minutes.

I have been in contact with my host, 34SP.com, who are trying to work out what is going on.

I will post again, when I have more news on this issue.

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Sorry about the website downtime

Sorry about the website down time, was off-line for around12 hours. Some how the domain servers changed themselves. They changed from the 34sp.com ones to servers that I get the domain name from. No idea how it happened. Waiting for a email back from Freeparking, to say how it happened. But at the same time want to thank them for fixing it so fast, once I had worked out, what happened in the first place.

Website down time and other stuff…

Sorry about this website being off-line for a good 4 hours today, it was due to a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack against the people that host this website. The down time started at around 11:50am to around 4:30pm GMT. Want to read about about this problem then check out status.34sp.com.

Now onto some other stuff. At long last, I sorted myself out another hard drive, so I can backup at all main files. I use to be very good at backing everything up, till I got so much stuff even copying it all on to DVDs was taken 2 long. So I got myself a Western Digital 250GB Passport Portable USB 2.0 hard drive, from dabs.com, which set me back Β£34.99. Spent lots of day backing up data. So far 23.2 GB (19,130Β  photos) and now doing all my SD videos, which is a 52.3 GB which is going to take a wee while…

Also and also starting to fun job of redoing another one of my website. Lucky this time it’s one that I run with a friend, so hello Mark. It’s about the village that we both live in. So old (still live) version of the website can be found at www.thebythams.org.uk and the new version (not live) we’re working on can be found at www.thebythams.org.uk/thebythams/.

Oh and big thank-you to everyone that’s said good things about this new look website so far :). Still got a lot to do, but it’s getting there πŸ™‚

Thursday – 27th January 2011

I spend most of the day working on this website. I hope that your all liking it so far… I am well pleased with it, so much better than the old look website. Which has not really changed much at all, since it first went live back in 1998.

Pages I have added today:-

Also added a widget that displays the newest photos πŸ™‚

Oh and big thanks to 34sp.com for all there help over the last number of days!!

Saturday – 19th July 2003

In the morning I spend a while emailing the 34SP.com helpdesk, to ask them if they have any ideas why my new account with them is not working. They worked it out very fast. They said “The account was created on an incorrect IP address, and as such all requests for the domain where resolving to the wrong server.” But not that they have fixed it my website should start working in next 12 hours, but only time will tell.

In the afternoon I went a cycle into Stamford to get a Phono to Phono audio lend, so that I can connect my TV to my Dolby Prologic Surround system.

Then in the evening just like every Saturday evening I was working at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. It was very busy, just like all Saturday nights are now.

Once I had finished work I went out to get a Pizza with some of the people that I work with.

I was very glad to get back home and into bed. Because it’s been a long day, but a good one.