Wednesday – 13th August 2003

I had my second go at the theory test. But yes I failed it again. I now starting to get very pissed off indeed. I passed the multiple-choice bit again. I got 34 out of 35. Meaning that I passed that section, by 4 marks. But I failed on the hazard perception bit again. I start to think that I am never going to pass it. With it costing £18 at a time to do it, I am fast starting to run out of money. So lets just hope that it’s third time lucky.

Saturday – 19th July 2003

In the morning I spend a while emailing the helpdesk, to ask them if they have any ideas why my new account with them is not working. They worked it out very fast. They said “The account was created on an incorrect IP address, and as such all requests for the domain where resolving to the wrong server.” But not that they have fixed it my website should start working in next 12 hours, but only time will tell.

In the afternoon I went a cycle into Stamford to get a Phono to Phono audio lend, so that I can connect my TV to my Dolby Prologic Surround system.

Then in the evening just like every Saturday evening I was working at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. It was very busy, just like all Saturday nights are now.

Once I had finished work I went out to get a Pizza with some of the people that I work with.

I was very glad to get back home and into bed. Because it’s been a long day, but a good one.

Thursday – 17th July 2003

In the morning I started work on a new website called Sports Sunday, it can be found at So why is it called Sports Sunday ? I hear you ask. It’s called that people a group of people that I work with at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, have a get together to place sports most Sunday’s. So they all it Sports Sunday, I have good name indeed, if you ask me.

Then in the afternoon I sorted out some of my other website’s. Before going to Morrisons to get some food for tonight and the week ahead.

In the evening Matthew come around. It was great to see him again, I have not seen much of him since Sunday. Mainly because he has been doing lots of studying this week and has had a lot going on at home. Which I can’t speak about to much. While he was here we had a good long chat about everything, that has happened this week. And also watched Harry Potter on video. Not my video, I must add because I only get DVD’s.

I think that my chat with Mathew really helped. He went home looking at lot happier then do did when he got here. Try not too worry to much Matthew, things will sort themselves out in the end.

Wednesday – 16th July 2003

Today I went two cycles the first one was to Stamford and back again. The second one was to Castle Bytham and back again. I did two cycles to get my bike computer to hit the 1000 mile mark. I so happy now. Now by the end of September I am going to aim to have it, up to at least 1,300 miles which should be easy to do.

Tuesday – 15th July 2003

I spend a number of hours in the back garden. We cut down a very, very big bush. I can’t believe now much better the place looks now it has been taking out. It also means that I am going to have great fun, burning it all, in next number of days.

Once I had done doing the gardening and had time to cool down a bit, I went a cycle to Stamford. I have now done over 980 miles on my cycle computer. So it looks like a will hit the 1000 mile mark, before going to Scotland next week.

Once I got back from Stamford, I made a quick meal, before going to work at the dogs. Lucky they have got all the problems sorted out with the tills. It was a bit of a boring nite, because not mainly people were in. But I know that Wednesday night, will more then make up for it.

When I got back from work I spoke to Matthew on-line for a while before going to bed. I could not believe just now hot my room was. Luckily I got to sleep in the end.

Friday – 11th July 2003

I went a cycle to Langtoft, it’s the first that I have cycled there in my life. But I know that I will be doing the cycle a lot more, from now on. Because it’s the village that Matthew stays in. I did not tell Matthew that I was going to cycle to see him. He looking very happy to see me. When I got there, he was outside washing his car. I was there for about 30 minutes before I had to cycle back home to get ready for work.

Work was not 2 bad. But they did have very big problems with the printer on the till at the bar, meaning that we did not get any orders coming though the printer. So we had to go back to the old way of doing things, in other words, back to writing down things by hand. Things got so bad at one point we even had Richard, one of the people who owns the place, taking drinks down.

I was glad to get back home. I just hope that things get better on Saturday night.

Thursday – 10th July 2003

Matthew and me went to Stratford-upon-Avon for a day trip. Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare, for people like me who did not know, till Matthew told me. It was his Mum’s idea that we go there. I will need to thank her for the great idea.

It was a really great day out. Stratford-upon-Avon is a great small Town. While we were there we went a walk along the river. Had a look around the shops etc. We were going to go into the place were William Shakespeare was born, but we did not want to pay £9 each to get in. If it had been £5 each, then OK. But not £9.

On the way back from Stratford-upon-Avon we got a bit lost. But lucky we had a look at the map and worked out how to get back home.

When we got back to Little Bytham we had some fun, because going to The Willoughby Arms for the third Thursday in a row to get food. It looks like it’s going to become a weekly thing now.

When we got back we chatted and watched Eastenders on BBC 3, before he went back home.

Wednesday – 9th July 2003

In the morning I had my theory test. I failed it, but I was still, very, very happy about it. I got 33 in the multiple choice select, out off 35. Which I was more then pleased with, because you need 30 to pass it.

I failed on the hazard perception select of the test, which you need at least 42 points to pass, I got 35. So just wish me good luck of the next time, that I do the test. I will let you all know when I pass it.

I would of course like to say a bit thank you to Matthew for taking me to Grantham to sit the test in the first place.

When we got back from Grantham, I re-installed his laptop, because it keeps playing up. I just hope that I have fixed all the problems that he has been having with it, but only time will tell.

Matthew went home at about 3:00pm for a while to some studying. But he come back at 5:30pm to give me a give into work.

In the evening I was working at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. It made Saturday night, look like a very easy night. So many things went wrong you would not believe. I think that Ste (the guy who does the bar), was getting very stressed out. But he was not the only one.

I was so glad when the night was over. Just to think that I stopped drinking at the start of 2000. But tonight I just had to have two drinks, to help me calm down.

Monday – 7th July 2003

In the morning I had a driving lesson. It went not 2 badly at all. I went a drive into Oakham. It’s got a very busy main street. Which I am not really a great fun of, but I will need to get use to busy roads if I want to pass my driving test. I still think that I should have passed by September. Which has always been, my aim since I started late April.

In the afternoon I cut the back grass and give the house a bit of a clean. Booked train tickets for going up to Scotland on the 24th of this month. I really looking forward to it. It’s will be the first time that I have been up since April.

Matthew come around in the afternoon for a while. He could not stay for long, because he had to go and pick his Mum up. He also got me a copy of the new Delta Goodrem album called “Innocent Eyes”. He is fast turning into on my the sweetest guys that I know.

Then I went a drive to Asda in Grantham with Mark to get food. Just don’t ask how fast I was going on the A1, you really don’t want to know.

Once I got back from Grantham, I went a cycle to a small village called Carlby, which is just over 4 miles from Little Bytham. I so happy now, I have got my bike computer over the 900 mile mark. It now reads 905 miles, if you really want to know. Meaning that I will have it up to 1000 miles before I go up to Scotland. Which will make me, one very, very happy guy indeed.

Sunday – 6th July 2003

It was a long day indeed, but a very good one. It all started with Matthew and me getting up at 5:00am. We got up so early because we were going to watch a Triathlon with someone that we know called Ashley Allen taking part. He did very well indeed. In come in at number 43 out of over 150 people. Which is very good indeed, because he had ever done a Triathlon before. So well done Ashley :).

In was also a really good day because I got to see lots of guys in wetsuits, which was one of the main reasons that I wanted to go. The best looking one was number 43, called Lawrence Fanous. Now he did look hot in his running, swimming and cycle gear. I only got one really good photo of him. But it was only the back of him. I would love loved to have got a photo of him, with his wetsuit on. He’s the sort of guy that I would love to model for my Wetsuitlads website that I am working on.

When we got back I felt very sorry for Matthew, because he to go to work. While I went to sleep for a number of hours.

I was a bit pissed off, because I said that I would cycle down to see him at 6:00pm. But for some reason my alarm did not go off. I have a feeling I may have set it for AM and NOT PM. I still went a cycle, down to see him. It just mint that I did not get there, while he he was still on his tea break.

When I got back from seeing Matthew at work. Mark and myself went to The Willoughby Arms to get food.

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