Monday – 23rd April 2007

I took my car, today for it’s yearly MOT. And guess what it failed. I have a feeling, that cars, never, never pass a MOT. I can, of course see why it did fail. Below are the main things he failed on.

  • The nearside tyre depth was below the requirements of 1.6mm.
  • Two of the tyres were, very close to the legal limit.
  • The offside front position lamp was not in good working order. I have no idea, what they mean by that.
  • The offside side registration piate lamp bulb was not working.

To get all that fixed it, came to £154.19. Which is very, good indeed. I was thinking. It would come to hell, of a lot more then that.

Music: Mesh-29 @ Met Lounge

Below are some videos of Mesh-29, that Mike and myself filmed at the Met Lounge, in Peterborough. Sorry about the bad sound quality. I think that we, were just a bit near to the BIG speakers.

5 AM

Sorry this video has been removed from YouTube by my ex.  So I will re-edit and upload soon…


Sorry this video has been removed from YouTube by my ex.  So I will re-edit and upload soon…

Over the Barricade

Sorry this video has been removed from YouTube by my ex.  So I will re-edit and upload soon…

Thursday – 19th October 2006

I got my car back from the garage. Where it’s been since Monday 15th October 2006. Getting it’s gear box fixed. First, I will you tell you the good news and that’s it’s running like new again. All the noises, coming from the gear box, have gone. So I can now hear, myself think again, when driving. The bad news, is much much. It cost me to get fixed. In total it cost, £920.47. £96.77 for a new clutch. £21.61 for gear oil. And wait for it… £485, to get the gear box repaired. Then on top of that, £137.09 was VAT.

£920.47 may sound like a lot. At least my wee baby, is back on the road again. The garage has done, a great job, if you ask me.

Oh before, I go. I better say, a very, very big thank-you to my Mum and Dad, for helping me pay the £920.47, to get it fixed. Where I would be, without them, I have no idea.

Tuesday – 10th October 2006

Today I took my car to the garage. So he (Yes HE, I am gay!! So no why, I am having a female car), could get a much needed service. It should have got it’s last service at 64,000 miles. But I was a very, very bad boy. And did not take it, to the garage, till it had done 85,018 miles. So in other words, I did just 20,018 miles, more then I really should have done.

The service, cost me £400.28. £170, for the labour. £170 for the materials. And of course, VAT which come to £59.62. The service included engine oil, oil filter, 2 front break discs, front break pads, and a lot more. I should list, everything it had done, I don’t read half of their writing.

I am happy that’s the service out of the way. But they did tell, me some very, very bad news. And that is my gear box is on it’s last legs. And will cost me a lot, to get fixed. But that’s another story, all together.

BTW: I have now done just over 31,000 miles in the car. Since I getting him, in October 2004.

Wednesday – 17th May 2006

When I was leaving the work car park. What did I go and do? But my drive car into a metal post. So the driver’s side door has a big **nded** in it. And does not fully close. It really pissed me, off. Since I remember thinking, to myself. Now Gordon, Gordon, remember that metal post. But then, what did, I go and do, by drive into the damn thing.

Monday – 24th April 2006

I took my car to a local garage to get it MOTed. Which here in the UK. You have to do every year. It failed, but I had a feeling it would do. It only failed on small things. It just me, just £102.31 to get it to pass.

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