Killearn to Glasgow

This cycle takes me about 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is not bad going because it’s just over 16 miles long. Over half, of which is on very busy city roads.

I still remember the first that that I did this cycle. I really wanted to get a CD and did not have the money to get the bus into Glasgow and back. So I made up my mind to cycle into Glasgow. It was straight in get the CD, then cycle straight back.

When I was working for Alcan in the summer of 2000. I use to cycle back from Glasgow to Killearn for about one month after work. The people I worked with though that I was mad. It beats getting the bus back and paying £3 every day. When I could cycle back for nothing and doing something that I love doing for free.

Killearn to Glasgow map

Page updated : 19/01/2012.

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