2016 (Jan – Jun)

Below are my cycling vlogs filmed between January and June 2016.

Nice wet Lycra!
Filmed: 16/06/2016

Yet another pointless Lycra vlog!
Filmed: 12/06/2016

Lycra skinsuit vlog!
Filmed: 11/06/2016

Why I love cycling!
Filmed: 09/06/2016

All about yesterday’s 82 mile cycle
Filmed: 07/06/2016

Way to cold for June!
Filmed: 03/06/2016

First wetsuited vlog of 2016
Filmed: 04/02/2016

How I keep, mini me warm!
Filmed: 11/02/2016

blueseventy axium wetsuit cycle!
Filmed: 01/03/2016