2013 (Jan – Jun)

Below are my cycling vlogs filmed between January and June 2013.

Using my indoor cycle trainer
Filmed: 22/01/2013

Second indoor cycle trainer vlog
Filmed: 22/01/2013

Wetsuited while on the Turbo Trainer
Filmed: 23/01/2013

Yet another wetsuit vlog on the Turbo Trainer
Filmed: 23/01/2013

Last wetsuit turbo trainer vlog for a while
Filmed: 25/01/2013

Very, very windy cycle
Filmed: 28/01/2013

Yet another very windy cycle
Filmed: 04/02/2013

So glad I was wetsuited!
Filmed: 10/02/2013

Rutland Water during winter
Filmed: 12/02/2013

Look at all the snow!
Filmed: 25/03/2013

Just back in from a wetsuit cycle
Filmed: 31/03/2013

First Lycra cycle of 2013
Filmed: 10/04/2013

Got a flat tyre 16 miles into a cycle
Filmed: 14/04/2013

I cycled to The Wash
Filmed: 21/04/2013

Fens to Lincolnshire “Highlands”
Filmed: 21/04/2013

UCI World Cup Team skinsuit
Filmed: 07/05/2013