Middle of June 2024 most popular photos

Below are the top five most looked at photos on this website so far during June 2024.

Number 1 (453 views) : Corrour railway station
Myself at Corrour railway station

Number 2 (370 views) : Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond

Number 3 (114 views) : Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond

Number 4 (91 views) : Walking in Clumber Park
Walking in Clumber Park

Number 5 (81 views) : At the top of Ben Lomond
At the top of Ben Lomond

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UK TV programmes to watch this week : 15/06/2024

Doctor Who (BBC 1/HD | 6:30pm to 7:20pm | Saturday 15th June 2024)

The Legend of Ruby Sunday. Series 14, episode 7. Part one of the two-part finale. The Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby’s past. But as the Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from the fateful Christmas Eve when she was abandoned as a baby, the mysterious Triad Technology unleash the greatest evil of all.

Kate & Queen Elizabeth: A Special Relationship (Channel 5/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Saturday 15th June 2024)

A look at the bond between the Princess of Wales and Elizabeth II, the story of two women from different backgrounds and eras who were united by love, laughter, duty and compassion. This film unveils the private moments and public duties that brought them closer, revealing the mentorship and guidance the Queen provided to prepare Kate for her future as a Queen consort.

Doctor Who: Unleashed (BBC Three/HD | 7:20pm to 7:50pm | Saturday 15th June 2024)

The Legend of Ruby Sunday. Series 1, episode 7. Steffan Powell catches up with the team at UNIT and does some work experience in the prosthetics department. Plus, an exclusive interview with Susan Twist and Russell T Davies.

Lost Boys & Fairies (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Monday 17th June 2024) ** PICK OF THE WEEK **

Look at Your Kind Face. Series 1, episode 3. The repercussions of a catastrophic event changes Andy and Gabe’s life forever, and puts the adoption into jeopardy. Will Jake find his forever home?

Adam Lambert: Out, Loud & Proud (ITV1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Wednesday 19th June 2024)

American singer and Queen frontman Adam Lambert brings his own unique perspective as he explores how British LGBTQ+ artists have fought for their place in the music industry. Through interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor, who reflect on queer icon Freddie Mercury, and conversations with LGBTQ+ artists including Erasure’s Andy Bell, Skin from 90s band Skunk Anansie and pop icon MNEK, Adam uncovers the history of his community in the UK. Plus, a look into the struggles of the community in the 21st century with actress and singer Michaela Jae Rodriguez.

Chinook: Zulu Delta 576 (BBC 2/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Friday 21st June 2024)

Dead Men Don’t Talk. Series 1, episode 2. Part two of two. In the wake of the 1994 helicopter crash in the Mull of Kintyre, the RAF blames the pilots, leading to a 14-year campaign to clear their names The families of the victims share their stories and experiences, experts offer their thoughts on what went wrong and journalists uncover what the MoD and RAF did not want the families and general public to know.

All TV guide information taken from DigiGuide — www.getdigiguide.tv/?p=1&r=15119.