VeloViewer Infographic : 31 May 2024 @veloviewer

So far during 2024, I’ve done 1000 miles of exercise. Which is made up of 359 miles of cycling and 641 miles of walking.

Where it says running… That’s my walking data!

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Now done 64% of #walk1000miles – 2024

That’s me done 64% of #walk1000miles. So 641.67 miles down and 358.33 miles remaining!

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Wetsuitlads just turned 21!

WOW! My other big website Aka Wetsuitlads has just turned 21 years old today!!

During them 21 years, Think it’s helped many 100s or even 1000s of people over the years. Learn that loving chastity, bondage, rubber, Lycra, and of course wetsuits, is 100% normal!

Here are photos of just some of amazing lads, I’ve met since I started Wetsuitlads!

Nick and myself wearing wetsuits

CutePlayToy in bondage gear

Matt G and myself both in wetsuits

Double Spider-Man fun!

Alex all helpless in the straitjacket

Out walking with my pups!

Straitjacket fun at railway station

Ted has walked 100 miles so far during 2024

Amazing to think that Ted has walked 100 miles during 2024! Which is good going. Only had him around 4 to 5 weeks!

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UK TV programmes to watch this week : 25/05/2024

Doctor Who (BBC 1/HD | 6:50pm to 7:35pm | Saturday 25th May 2024)

73 Yards. Series 14, episode 4. The Doctor and Ruby arrive at a pub on a rain-lashed Welsh coast, where the regulars live in fear of ancient legends coming to life. Sian Phillips and Aneurin Barnard guest star alongside Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson.

Doctor Who: Unleashed (BBC 3/HD | 7:35pm to 8:05pm | Saturday 25th May 2024)

73 Yards. Series 1, episode 4. Stefan Powell chats to Millie Gibson and guest star Aneurin Barnard about the fourth episode of Ncuti Gatwa’s debut series, 73 Yards.

Race Across the World (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Wednesday 29th May 2024) ** PICK OF THE WEEK **

As they embark on the final leg of their journey and race from Jakarta to the final checkpoint in Lombok where a prize of £20,000 awaits the winners, the first two teams are separated by just 12 minutes. The teams all take a moment to reflect on their experiences as the race comes to an end.

Race Across the World (BBC 1/HD | 10:40pm to 11:40pm | Wednesday 29th May 2024)

Six months after finishing their race, the five teams reunite in London to look back on their 15,000 kilometre adventure and reflect on the impact it’s had on their lives. The pairs also share stories on how they prepared for the race and reminisce on some heart-warming moments.

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Now done 62% of #walk1000miles – 2024

That’s me done 62% of #walk1000miles. So 621.42 miles down and 378.58 miles remaining!

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Go Ape Aberfoyle, double tick!

WOW! Julie W and myself had so much fun doing Go Ape at Aberfoyle. With a colossal 323-metre zip thrill before you’ve even tackled the high-rise challenges. Your reward? A whopping 45-metre-high, 426-metre-long flight back down to earth.

Even in the rain, we both had so much fun!! Check it out at

Myself at Go Ape Aberfoyle

Oh and why, the double tick. That’s since, I’ve done it before. All the way back in July 2008!

We went to the Rest and Be Thankful

The view of Glen Croe viewed from Rest and be thankful viewpoint, has to my one favourite views from just about any road in the whole of Scotland!

I loved showing my work Wife, why I love it so much!

Rest and Be Thankful

Now done 60% of #walk1000miles – 2024

That’s me done 60% of #walk1000miles. So 602.32 miles down and 397.68 miles remaining!

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Ben Lomond, tick! For the third time!

WOW! That’s me now walked up Ben Lomond for the third time in my life! I’ve walked up in it my 20s, 30s, and now done it again in my 40s… Guess I need to do it again in my 50s, 60s and maybe even my 70s…

This time around, I did it with my work wife Julie. I couldn’t be more pride of her. We both did it! The weather had the top, was the best! We didn’t get a view at all! But we did not care, we made it to the top and back down again!

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