Look back to 2022…

Yes I know 2022, is not over yet… Starting to look forward to 2023! Just want to get this year over and done with!

It started off very well indeed by going a long walk with Mark G and Cooper. We did the Market Harborough Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

Then a month of so after that, got hold the landlord was selling the house. So we had to find somewhere else to live.

While all that was going on Cooper died. That was back in March and still never got over losing him. Life has never been the same without him! Still miss him, each and everyday!

Then of course, also in March Bugsy come into our life’s! For the first number of months, he was very, very hard work! Also not helped by the fact, he was not Cooper.

Of course, lot’s of good things have happened this year! But, will still be glad to see the back of it!!!

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