English Heritage list : updated 20-06-2022

That’s me just updated the list of English Heritage sites that I’ve visited.

Myself at Rufford Abbey

I’ve added the following:-

  • Apsley House, London
  • Jewel Tower, London
  • Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire

Had a great week seeing some of my family

During my week off work, I spent the week up in Clumber Park. Seeing my older brother Douglas and my Mum and Dad!

List of things, I did with my older brother Douglas and my Mum and Dad

  • Lots of walking around Clumber Park
  • Walk around Sherwood Forest
  • Went to the Rufford Abbey Country Park (The Abbey is English Heritage)
  • Visit to Bolsover Castle (English Heritage)

Things, I did just with Douglas

  • Went to the Isle of Wight for like 2 hours, all the way from Newark. So we could use the hovercraft
  • Went to London…. We did so much…
    • Apsley House (English Heritage)
    • Jewel Tower (English Heritage)
    • Great walk around parts of Hyde Park
    • The Natural History Museum
    • V&A
    • Used the Elizabeth line for the first time
  • Ticked off a good number of new railway stations

Now looking forward to going up Scotland in next month or so…

VeloViewer Infographic : 20 June 2022 @veloviewer

Going by my VeloViewer Infographic, I’ve had 171 active days so far in 2022! Which means, I’ve done at least one cycle or walk each day so far this year!

That’s me now done a total distance of 1,090 miles this year. Which is made up 462 miles of cycling and 627 miles on walking!!

Where it says running… That’s my walking data!

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