March 2022 cycling statistics

Well March, was yet another bad month for cycling! Also was a very bad month in other ways… After the love of my life, Cooper passed away.

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Here is the data from March 2022:-

  • Total cycles: 4
  • Total Distance: 70.27 miles
  • Total Time: 06:01:54 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 11.7 mph
  • Max Time: 01:46:37 (h:m:s)
  • Max Speed: 33 mph
  • Avg Distance: 17.57 miles
  • Max Distance: 20.23 (Single cycle)

Data from: Garmin Connect.

Here are my favourite cycling photos from the month:-

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

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