Wearing the Synergy Swimrun wetsuit again!

Had the Synergy Swimrun wetsuit, since late October 2021 and not really done many photos wearing it! So about time, I start to fix that one!

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit

Synergy Swimrun wetsuit

More photos can be found at www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/wetsuits/synergy-swimrun-wetsuit/

Coopers Junction : update 06-Dec-2021

So sorry, I’ve not posted any news from Coopers Junction is a long, long time! Just not really had the time to do much with it, over the last number of months! Just been so busy, cycling, walking and of course doing lots of overtime at work!

In last number of months, I did get the 66773 ‘Pride of GB Railfreight’, along with FEA-S intermodal wagon 640689 in GBRf blue and three 45′ container “24” in Stobart Rail “Less Co2” livery! Which had to be done, since I work for Tesco!

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