Pride in London cancelled for second year

Well that’s Pride in London cancelled for second year in a row! But do think it’s for the best! But, I had been looking forward to it! Then way to many people have not been double vaccinated!! So it would not have been anywhere close to 75% safe going!!

Now really looking forward to London Pride 2022, since it will be best one YET!!!

 Pride in London 2018

Check out for photos from past events!

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  1. Personally, I’m not going 2 NE large crowd event this year, as the risk 4 me, with a compromised immune system is too high. What would B good with future LGB event, would B if they were less of a party & more of a political / campaigning event. As there R lots of issues around the world which need addressing, otherwise the gains that have been made over the year will B lost by stealth.

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