Install the NHS Covid-19 app

That’s the NHS Covid-19 app gone live in England and Wales! So do the right thing and install it today! The more people that install it, the more lives we can save! And of course the sooner we can kill off the COVID-19 virus.

Head over to to download and install the app!

4 Replies to “Install the NHS Covid-19 app”

  1. G, I have been using the same app here where I live in US, for a few months, I don’t know what is wrong with people here it took forever to get a few people to sign up.

  2. I would but I had heard only bad things about it, people being told there have the virus when they don’t, the location being wrong, today a heard someone say the app said there were in scotland and there were in loughbough, and other problums that I am not going into. It is the UK track and trace issues all over again

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