First Century ride (The EU version!) of 2020

So pleased with myself! At long last, I’ve done my first Century ride of 2020! But it was easy one, the 100km one! Wish it had been the 100 mile one! But still super pleased with 62.52 miles!

You can check out the route at

Myself at Elton and Orston railway station
Myself at Elton and Orston railway station

VeloViewer Infographic : 06-September 2020 @veloviewer

That’s me just posted the updated version of the VeloViewer Infographic. Which now includes all data from 01/01/2020 to 06/09/2020.

Like before, where is says running… That’s my walking data!

Nice seeing that my total distance has jumped from 2,111 miles to 3,940 miles! Still to get a century ride in this year and time is fast running out!

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