It was great seeing Matt again!

It was really great seeing Matt again! It’s always nice seeing friends that are into the same “fun things”, that you are! Sure you get, what I mean!

Here is Matt and myself waiting for his train back to London!

Matt G and myself at Grantham railway station

Here are some photos, of the fun stuff we got up to! 🙂

Myself at Grantham railway station
It started by myself wearing a wetsuit, at the railway station! Think anyone could tell?!?!
Then of course had to get him wearing some rubber! Who can say no, to a cute lad in rubber?!?!?
Since it was National Dog Day, of course had to get him wearing this!
Double Spider-Man fun
Oh and my favourite of all, us both wearing Spider-Man suits!!

Remember you only live once! So have fun, when you can!!

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