Looking for a new host…

Think it’s time to give me with my current host! Been with them since 2003. But in the last number of weeks, my website has been going off-line at least 15+ times, a day for around 5 minutes at a time.

All they keep telling me to upgrade to WordPress Hosting plan. Which is no use to me at all, since I need access to more than one database! One to host the main part of this website, then another host Zenphoto, also need subdomains. So why would I pay more, but get less?!?!?

At least during this lockdown, I’ve got time to sort things like this out!

So here is list of the main things I need:-

  • Free Website Statistics (AWStats) – Use them for my photos stats
  • Free SSL Certificate (Let’s Encrypt)
  • FTP access with at least of support for SFTP and SCP
  • At least 50 GB of hosting space
  • PHP at least version 7.5
  • Need at least 5 subdomains
  • Need to be Linux server
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Also want 99.9% Uptime Guarantee! (So not going off-line around every hour, like my current host)

Sure I have missed things, they are main ones!

P.S. My website went off-line at least 3 times, while just doing this blog post! That’s how bad it’s got!!

2 Replies to “Looking for a new host…”

  1. Sorry to hear of continued problems with uptime on your website. Even just reading what you need, it’s gobbledegook to me, sadly unable to help or recommend a provider, know I get 10Gb of webspace with my provider, but probably not of any use to you.

  2. You may like to look at ifastnet – I do not know how they compare with your wishlist but from memory they seem to match it quite closely. I used them for couple of years – no complaints

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