Now done 60% of #walk1000miles – 2020

walk1000miles - 2020That’s me now done 60% of #walk1000miles. So 599.94 miles down and 400.06 miles left to go!

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Will be doing vlogs again soon!

All going well, I will start doing new vlogs again from this Wednesday. Not done one since, 21st February… So about time, I fixed that!

What should you like me to talk about? Also what, should I wear for it?

So far on Twitter, people have posted the following:-

  • If possible and it’s not raining anything white
  • Spider-Man suit but without the wetsuit underneath this time
  • All 12 wetsuits and Lycra?
  • Lycra, obviously
  • Your new Team GB skinsuit
  • Skinsuit!
  • Either the new England Skinsuit, or your Zone3 wetsuit?
  • Hooded wetsuit

Did 103.2 miles of cycling last week!

So pleased with myself, I did 103.2 miles of cycling last week. Making it the most miles, I’ve done this year in single week. But of course, that may sound great… But I’ve done 100 mile in single cycle before. So will only be extra happy, when I got closer to doing, 200 miles in single week!

At least one good thing, about not going back to work, till at least July (can see it, being much longer) and being told by the UK government, we can go out take unlimited outdoor exercise. I will not feel so bad about doing much longer cycles!

Here are some of my favourite cycling photos from last week.

Castelli Body Paint 3.3 Speed Suit
Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018
Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018
Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018

Of course, many more photos can be found at

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