YouTube comments are not showing up!

No idea why, but the comments are not showing up on my newest YouTube video! Right now it’s only showing two comments, but had emails from YouTube saying it’s had more!

So here are some of ones, it’s not showing:-

paul kent commented: “You can probably make a claim on your house insurance, or bank account insurance pack. Or even your bike insurance.”

Rick Barkley commented: “Looking hot in your spiderman suite.”

maxi Purainer commented: “Nice πŸ‘Œ can you next time put the Mask on?”

Stephen Graham commented: “Your video camera is still going strong! You look great in that Spidey suit.”

4 Replies to “YouTube comments are not showing up!”

  1. Must be a general glitch in the YouTube network because I’ve just tried to access my YouTube app and it’s not working.

    1. It’s been doing it for weeks! Have a feeling, they will soon be removing the option to comment on vidoes! πŸ™

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