WOW! First time on a hovercraft

WOW! That was so much fun! Went on a hovercraft for the first time in my life! If ever in the Portsmouth and are thinking of going over to the Isle of Wight, I would really recommend it!

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More photos from my visit to the Isle of Wight, can be found at

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  1. When I was living in Fareham during the early 70s, I often used to watch the hovercrafts going to the Isle of Wight from Southsea. Very noisy but great fun to watch them setting off.

  2. Its a fun way to get to the Isle of Wight, but the departure point is a fair way from Southsea station. I know there is a bus that links the two. On my visits, I find it convenient to go to the Harbour and then straight onto the seacat.

    Living in Dover in the mid 1980’s, I can remember the hovercrafts leaving there and the Jetfoil too. Just a shame its only memories as I never had a camera that young.

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