The John O’Groats to Land’s End route on Strava

Somewhere on the first day of the End to End cycleSorry, that I will be boring you all, with stuff about the End to End cycle, that I did 10 years ago… But still, all these years later, can’t believe that I did!

Do please feel, to check out route on Strava. Even, better why not give each day, a give kudos?!? Since, when I did the cycle, Strava was not even a thing!

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  1. Nothing wrong with you keep on talking about it. It was either on your bucket list as something you wanted to do or one of your life’s ambitions, which you achieved. So you should be proud of it.

    1. it was just something, that I really wanted to go before I turned 30! So pleased, that i did it! Something, that I would love to do again!

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