More LNER Azuma train photos

Here are some more photos, I took of the new LNER Azuma train at Grantham railway station. And so not fair, this happens to be the train, my mate got off. When coming up to visit me from London for the day. Really hope, I get to use one soon!

LNER Azuma at Grantham railway station
LNER Azuma at Grantham railway station

More photos from this set can be found at

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  1. One a week now for the Leeds services, next is 2×5 car sets, allowing a 9 car to be released for Edinburgh workings. 1st August for first Edinburgh southbound service.

      1. I think its for the less busy services… in the future, possibly 2×5 to Edinburgh, one goes to Glasgow, one goes to Aberdeen/Inverness

        1. Dividing as Blondguppy suggests would be good. Has anyone been on one and what is the comfort like

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