134 day streak of blog posts

WOW! Go me, I’ve now done a new blog post for 134 days in a row! Which really is a new record for me!

At first, when I first started to try doing a new blog post every day… I was sure, I would run out of things to post. When in fact, most days it’s been very easy indeed!

Just hope, that you have been enjoying all my, many blog posts and many, many new photos!

P.S. Sorry about all the railway posts! Just love railways!

Oh and do check out www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/all-the-railway-stations/

Love you all!! 🙂 xx

Off to York next week…

I am going to York next week, with my Mum, Dad and older brother Douglas. Really looking forward to it! Not been with my folks since, 2009 and my older brother since 2014.

So here are photos from the last number of times, I’ve been…

Clifford's Tower, York
Myself driving the Mallard
National Railway Museum

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