Charing Cross – Access All Areas

WOW! I did the Charing Cross – Access All Areas tour, while in London today! It’s got to be, one of best things you can do in London! So great fun seeing parts of Charing Cross underground station, that the public don’t normally get to see!

The parts of the station you get to see have been closed to the public since 1999.

The Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross are now synonymous with films and television. They have been used for films including Skyfall (2011/12) and Paddington (2013), and TV’s 24 (2014).

Check out Right now, they are still some tickets for sale. But, they will sell out fast!

More photos can be found over at

Railway stations visited jumps up to 131

Angel Road railway stationThe number of railway stations, I’ve used jumped from 116 to 131 during my visit to London!

In just day, I’ve added the following to my list:-

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