Gear or travel?

A number of days ago, I did a poll over on my facebook page, asking what you would like to see more of, on this blog!

Right now gear is winning with 89% and travel only has 11% of the vote!

So in the coming days and weeks… I will try posting even more gear photos! Of course, by gear, I mean myself wearing, Lycra, leathers and wetsuits!

Oh and don’t worry, I will still of course, be posting lots of travel adventures here! 🙂

3 Replies to “Gear or travel?”

  1. I am happy to see that Lycra and spandex ( gear ) won in your poll Gordon!!!! Seeing you guys in these bulge enhancing outfits always makes my spirits rise! Keep UP the wonderful posts my friend!! ????

  2. Gear posts are certainly amazing ,but the travel posts capture a wonderfully insightful side of you and shows us another passion of yours. I also have enjoyed the beautiful sights you visit and share knowing this is the only way I’d ever see them. Cycle pics ,stats and info are a bonus too.

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