Caledonian Sleeper back in August 2014

Here are some photos, I took of First Caledonian Sleeper, in Fort William back in August 2014. When it was still run by the First ScotRail franchise. Now the Caledonian Sleeper has been split into a new franchise, operated by Serco.

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Gear or travel?

A number of days ago, I did a poll over on my facebook page, asking what you would like to see more of, on this blog!

Right now gear is winning with 89% and travel only has 11% of the vote!

So in the coming days and weeks… I will try posting even more gear photos! Of course, by gear, I mean myself wearing, Lycra, leathers and wetsuits!

Oh and don’t worry, I will still of course, be posting lots of travel adventures here! 🙂

Now done 40% of #walk1000miles – 2019

That’s me now done 40% of #walk1000miles. So 304.32 miles down and only 595.68 miles left to go!

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I’ve now found 366 geocaches!

That’s me now found 366 geocaches, since 2008. So far this month alone, I’ve found 100! Making it, my most ever finds so far in a single month!

Still more, than sure I can make it up to 600 finds, before the year, is out!

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