The desktop departure board is here!

The desktop departure board turned up this morning! Go to say, that I am super pleased with it!

Was so easy to set-up, sure that even non tech people could do to! Just had a edit a file, to get speaking to my Wi-Fi and that was just about it!

Right, now I am got it showing my local railway station, which is of course Grantham. But you can choose any railway station in the UK. It can also show, live bus times (I checked, it even found my local stop) and of course it shows tube info also!

Who knows, maybe one day, it will also show Glasgow subway info…

What's in the box?
Desktop departure board

Thinking of getting one for yourself? Then head over to You will need to be quick, they are selling out fast! And he’s not due to get back more back in stock, till November!

Another reason why you have to follow jacobscottfitness

If you don’t, already follow jacobscottfitness on Instagram, here is another reason why, you need to follow him!

Petition to Call for an end to LGBT human rights violations in Brunei

Please, please can you all sign the petition, that is calling for an end to LGBT human rights violations in Brunei over on the UK Parliament website.

P.S. You need to be a British citizen or UK resident to sign.

Sign at

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