Ordered a desktop departure board

I’ve just gone and ordered a desktop departure board! After watching a vlog about one, that Geoff Marshall did way back in November 2018! I just had to get one!

All going well, I will have it, in next day or so!

Thinking of getting one for yourself? Then head over to ukdepartureboards.co.uk. But be fast, they will soon sell out! And he’s not due to get back more back in stock, till November!

Here is a description of what it does:-

  • Designed to simulate the real station departure boards in great detail.
  • View real time train/tube/bus departures for your favourite uk stations/stops.
  • Both origin station and optional destination station can be set.
  • Live train/tube/bus service information from real feeds.
  • Fully configurable (shades, arrival times, animation speeds etc..)
  • Power saving options.
  • Web configuration app.
  • Plug and play (no assembly required).
  • Built in WiFi.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Displays time and date.
  • Alarm clock functionality (up to 3 alarms) with buzzer.
  • Display available in yellow, green, blue and white (Only have yellow in stock).
  • Ideal for work desk or bedside table.
  • Small compact size, Low power, Micro USB.
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