Feb 222019

That’s me just been out the first cycle of 2019, with my legs out! Can’t believe, just how white they are! Hope that, all other road users had sunglasses on!

You can check out the route, I took over at www.strava.com/activities/2166990587

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014
Cannondale Pro Cycling Team 2014

  3 Responses to “First legs out cycle of 2019!”

  1. Firefox 65 Firefox 65 Windows 10 Windows 10

    Loving the green gear, looking good in it G … on a serious note though U need 2 get out in the Sun more & soak up some Vit D or in the long term this will not do U NE favours. As long as U don’t get turned crispy lol.

  2. Google Chrome 72 Google Chrome 72 Windows 7 Windows 7

    You sure have great weather for it

  3. Google Chrome 63 Google Chrome 63 Samsung Samsung

    Yes .Had my gangly white legs out too!

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