? UK TV programmes to watch this week : 02/02/2019

Call the Midwife (BBC 1/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Sunday 3rd February 2019)

Sister Julienne is drawn into a conflict between an estranged mother and daughter, both of whom are pregnant. Trixie’s keep fit class is chosen to host a special event.

Great British Railway Journeys (BBC 2/HD | 6:30pm to 7:00pm | Monday 4th February 2019)

Michael Portillo sets off on a trip through Britain’s industrial heartlands in the footsteps of George V, beginning by travelling from Warrington to Preston.

Fish Town (BBC 1 Scotland/HD & BBC iPlayer only | 7:30pm to 8:00pm | Monday 4th February 2019)

Two Ghanaian crewmen take a trip into Peterhead to buy gifts for their families, while Amity skipper Phil Reid is trying a new fishing ground to see if he can find a decent catch.

Silent Witness (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Monday 4th February 2019)

Nikki is humiliated in court when a barrister accuses her of making a serious error, while the teams investigates the death of a medical researcher. With Art Malik.

The Channel Tunnel: 25 Years (Channel 5/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Monday 4th February 2019)

Looking at the project to build the Channel Tunnel, one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The men and women who worked on this engineering marvel recall what is was like to work in such a challenging environment and the hurdles that the project faced.

Great British Railway Journeys (BBC 2/HD | 6:30pm to 7:00pm | Tuesday 5th February 2019)

In Blackburn, Michael Portillo catches a rare glimpse of Edwardian life on celluloid and marvels at how factory workers and schoolchildren alike were drawn to seek fame on film.

Silent Witness (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Tuesday 5th February 2019)

Nikki suspects foul play when Thomas sides against her findings on a controversial case, while Jack and Clarissa follow a forensic trail.

Great British Railway Journeys (BBC 2/HD | 6:30pm to 7:00pm | Wednesday 6th February 2019)

Michael Portillo visits Heaton Park in Manchester, where one of the first open air concerts was held in 1909, before travelling on to the town of Oldham.

Great British Railway Journeys (BBC 2/HD | 6:30pm to 7:00pm | Thursday 7th February 2019)

Michael Portillo journeys from Maltby to Hinckley, going whippet racing and trying to understand the appeal of Marmite, before a look around the Triumph motorcycle factory.

Death in Paradise (BBC 1/HD | 9:00pm to 10:00pm | Thursday 7th February 2019)

The murder of a festival queen leaves DI Mooney with a fresh crime to solve, and puts a strain on Florence’s relationship when it turns out Patrice knew the victim.

Great British Railway Journeys (BBC 2/HD | 6:30pm to 7:00pm | Friday 8th February 2019)

Armed with his Bradshaw’s guide, Michael Portillo reaches Birmingham and discovers how a radical reformer would make his mark on the `city of a thousand trades”.

Secret Scotland (Channel 5/HD | 8:00pm to 9:00pm | Friday 8th February 2019)

Comedian Susan Calman uncovers the untold tales behind some of Scotland’s iconic locations. In Edinburgh, Susan learns about the firing of the one o’clock gun and discovers the secret hiding place of Scotland’s crown jewels.

All TV guide information taken from DigiGuide — www.getdigiguide.tv/?p=1&r=15119.

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