Yep, I have depression!

Funny that, when people first worked, I had depression, most people checked that, I was OK! That lasted a number of days. Think most people think depression, is like a cold. You just get over it, well you don’t! People telling me, to get over it, cheer up, man up, stop being so gay… Like that helps!

I said to myself, when I put myself on a train like one night after work, i did not want to be in that place again, I am! Don’t worry, not on or anywhere near the train line!

Just wish, I could remember, what is was like to be happy!

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  1. I too suffer from depression and have had a few of the darkest moment possible.

    Every time I have been near to the “end” I have been able to remind myself that things DO get better and they do. Reminding myself about this helps me to not take the final step.

    The other thing I realise is that my depression is a form of involuntary self-punishment – it is cyclic and it feeds itself like an out of control nuclear reaction. Realising this does not cure me or prevent depression BUT since the point I accepted this my episodes of being “down” have been shorter and nowhere near as dark.

    Oh, yes, getting on a bike is darn good therapy too!

    Take care and remember you are never alone with this!

  2. Hi Gordon
    Really sorry to hear that you are suffering with depression. It’s tough amd it will take time nut you will get through it. Its always great to look at your blog and we are with you all the way. Get out on that bike anf get those endorphins flowing
    All the best

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