Vlog: WOW It’s gone so cold!

WOW! It’s gone so cold again in the UK! But that did not stop me, putting my Lycra on and getting out on the bike!

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  1. 10/10 4 doing a blog out in this weather, I am well impressed. Despite what some other viewers have said, I like the the Alpecin gear, it suits U and I don’t know what U have done, but sexy haircut as well & such a great location & background history; definately adds 2 the whole thing.

  2. The only thing good about the cold is I get to put on many layers.
    When it gets very cold I layer up with at least 3 layers of thermals.
    I have a layering system that works well for me.
    My softest fleeced 50% cotton against my skin then 2 layers of thick thermals on top.

    I quite like the US Army cold weather long johns as my top thickest layer.

    For the very very cold I love Refrigawear suits, these are nylon covered insulated full suits, you can wear these with just a light pair of long johns underneath, they are too warm for cycling, these were made for cold storage where house work where the temps are well below zero to keep frozen things from thawing.

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