I’ve deleted Snapchat. I want things in chronological order!!

Sorry if you use to Snapchat me, but I’ve uninstall it from my phone! I am fed up of apps, not showing things in chronological order. I want to view things in the order, they got posted! Not the order that Snapchat thinks, I want to view them it! You would not read page 10 of a book, then 1, then page 20, then 1000 and back to page 2! So why do Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc think we want to? Does my head in!

So Snapchat you had to go! I can see lots of others doing the same thing!

2 Replies to “I’ve deleted Snapchat. I want things in chronological order!!”

  1. Its a shame and annoying when companies don’t listen to their user base. Twitter users, including myself have been asking for an edit button function. I’d be happy if this was time limited, say 10 mins, and clearly adds a watermark/timestamp to say its been edited.

    But as usual, we get ‘mentions’ and ‘trends’….

  2. Not very user friendly I must admit, but i’ve never used Snapchat or Facebook. But I do use Twitter, and that seems to be ok with using chronological order or timelines as some people call it.

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