I love the look of this wetsuit! Not at £645!

I love the look of this wetsuit! But no way, I would pay £645 for it!!! I could buy a 4K video camera for that!!!

P.S. He’s over 17! He does look very young indeed!

6 Replies to “I love the look of this wetsuit! Not at £645!”

  1. I hope for that price it comes with the model as standard! But, seriously, fantastic suit. If 20 friends gave you £30…….

  2. Its a great looking suit,I do agree with you there Gordon, but the price sets you back on your heels.

    The guy wearing it is cute, but I do suppose he is an upgrade extra, dam.

    But I would watch for it at the end of next season there is a good chance you can buy one for 50% off they often blow out the old stock when the new suits arrive.

    I would be willing to donate $20. to the suit just so Gorden could get one now.

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