Walking back to the car like this…

It was so much fun walking along the side of road dressed like this, nothing covering the bottom half of the wetsuit! So many people wear, skin-tight jeans now, I doubt that anyone even noticed!

2XU A:1 Active wetsuit

4 Replies to “Walking back to the car like this…”

  1. Yes….I see many guys wearing tight, stretch skinny Jeans…….the bottom half of your Wetsuit….could be a pair of skinny Jeans. Hmmmmm……..You need to wear tight Skinny Jeans Mate !!! 🙂

  2. I’ve even seen guys wearing skin tight trackies, so you walking around like that, you certainly wouldn’t look out of place,

  3. If you have the shape for it wearing skin tight trackies or jeans looks great.

    Gordon certainly does look great in wet suits and skin suits, he has the great shape for them.

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