5 Replies to “Happy 121st birthday to the Glasgow Subway?”

    1. I’ve got no idea at all! It’s just a street name in Glasgow! No idea, if it’s named after a person or not…

  1. I had no idea your city had an underground, closest one to me is NYC, at one time we here did have electric trains called the Laural Line, it ran behind the house I used to live in, many years ago.

    Today it would have been an asset to this area, but in the 50’s they couldn’t get rid of it fast enough, it was a waste of a great rail line.

  2. It’s a long way round 2 the answer, but interesting none the less… Teneu (or Thenew (Latin: Theneva), Thaney, Thanea, Denw, etc.) is a legendary Christian saint who was venerated in medieval Glasgow, Scotland. Traditionally she was a sixth-century Brittonic princess of the ancient kingdom of Gododdin (in what became Lothian) and the mother of Saint Kentigern, apostle to the Britons of Strathclyde & founder of the city of Glas Ghu (Glasgow). She & her son are regarded as the city’s co-patrons & Glasgow’s St. Enoch Square allegedly marks the site of a medieval chapel dedicated to her, built on or near her grave (“St. Enoch” is in fact a corruption of “St. Teneu”). She is commemorated, annually, on 18 July.

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