Vlog: Wetsuit for Hawaiian themed night at work?

Since we’re doing a Hawaiian themed fancy dress for Children in Need this year on Friday 17 November, at work. The question is, should I wear a wetsuit??

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    1. Only going to happen if 5,000 people watch the vlog before 5pm tomorrow night!! So doubt, it’s going to happen! Lucky!

  1. I say why not wear your wet suit, there is nothing more Hawaiian than a blond surfer, if you can get a surfboard of some type you can use it as a prop, you would look like a Hi. native..

  2. Gordon I think you should wesr your wetsuit and have a blast. You wont be out of place and likely be a hit. Post the pics and see them be come the favs and most viewed.rBe sure to have a spray bottle handy to keep you looking slick.

    1. That’s so great! I’m proud of you, you have made my day. We all are looking for to seeing any photos from this event. I wish I would have the similar themed evening at work as well. Stay safe, Gordon.

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