Vlog: Wetsuit for Hawaiian themed night at work?

Since we’re doing a Hawaiian themed fancy dress for Children in Need this year on Friday 17 November, at work. The question is, should I wear a wetsuit??

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    1. Only going to happen if 5,000 people watch the vlog before 5pm tomorrow night!! So doubt, it’s going to happen! Lucky!

  1. I say why not wear your wet suit, there is nothing more Hawaiian than a blond surfer, if you can get a surfboard of some type you can use it as a prop, you would look like a Hi. native..

  2. Gordon I think you should wesr your wetsuit and have a blast. You wont be out of place and likely be a hit. Post the pics and see them be come the favs and most viewed.rBe sure to have a spray bottle handy to keep you looking slick.

    1. Thatโ€™s so great! Iโ€™m proud of you, you have made my day. We all are looking for to seeing any photos from this event. I wish I would have the similar themed evening at work as well. Stay safe, Gordon.

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