It’s time to sort out my Cyprus 2017 photos!

Now I am back in England it’s time to sort out, the many, many, photos I took while in Cyprus!

So here are some of myself wearing, my Zone3 Aquaflo Tri shorts!!

4 Replies to “It’s time to sort out my Cyprus 2017 photos!”

  1. You look like you can use some down time Gordon. I notice how long and fast your haIr grows. Waiting for my green and white favorite cokors on you.
    XoX Glad you are back safe

  2. Just be yourself Gordon! You’re wonderful just as you are. Of course I enjoy seeing spandex over wet suits any day! They show off ” the package ” much better!!
    But it is important to be you-no matter your age! ???

  3. Just a thought , have you ever thought of changing jobs , you would make a cracker jack host of a travel show programme

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