Life is more fun in a wetsuit

Love stopping off at Stainmore Summit to take photos! Last time I stopped here, to do gear photos was wearing my Amazing Spiderman 2 Morphsuit, way back in 2015! So this time, I had my Zone3 Vision wetsuit with me!

Zone3 Vision wetsuit @ Stainmore Summit
Zone3 Vision wetsuit
Zone3 Vision wetsuit

4 Replies to “Life is more fun in a wetsuit”

  1. Great pic’s G, looks like a bright sunny day there; that is my fav suit the Z3, still looks good on U. Mind U i’m worried it has a hole in it LOL. Do U need a new 1 🙂 if so which would U buy? can there B anything as sexy as that.

  2. Oh yes, finally, a wetsuit! I have been waiting for a long time until I see you again in a wetsuit. Thanks, sexy, as usual.

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