Aug 142017

Love being geared up and cuffed, of course would be even better, if some HOT lad had the keys!

Adidas full body suit + handcuffs
Wetsuit, gas mask and chastity
Lycra + handcuffs!
adidas Team GB 2016 replica kit + handcuffs

  4 Responses to “Love being geared up and cuffed!”

  1. Firefox 54 Firefox 54 Windows 10 Windows 10

    Get U in your sexy blue adidas suit in the woods, woof woof. nice one G.

  2. Google Chrome 58 Google Chrome 58 Windows 10 Windows 10

    you in the bule just makes me WANT TO PLOW YOU SILLY!!!

  3. Google Chrome 60 Google Chrome 60 Windows 10 Windows 10

    Whilst at home … How about putting keys in ice … take a while to melt and you’d be cuffed until then 🙂

  4. Google Chrome 60 Google Chrome 60 Windows 7 Windows 7

    Love the first one , so sexy

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