So Nick is back in October

So Nick is back at some point in October for another cycle or two… Which Lycra, would you love to see him wearing next? So far, he’s wore the BMC Racing Team kit and the Vermarc Etixx Quick-Step Cycling Team kit.

Check out to see what, other Lycra I have. Then comment, below saying which gear, you would like to see him wearing next!

Nick and myself cycling
Nick and myself cycling

15 Replies to “So Nick is back in October”

  1. I would say Nick would look good in the Steven’s racing suit, mmm now that is seriously sexy looking G. Do U still have it ?

  2. Gordon I love that green suit it shows so much of your assets catch my drift? Thanks buddy
    Gabriel USA

  3. I think Nick should wear the green cycle kit. And how about asking what you should wear as well.

      1. If you and Nick offered to model them, they might give you a set each. They might get you to model strait jackets or other stuff?

  4. Hi Gordon! Love your pictures! You look great in all of them! Which lycra do you find most revealing yourself? I really love you in the green one!

  5. I think you should both go out just in wetsuits, locked on, and each other holds the others key for release.

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