I’ve now climbed 3 Munros out of 282 (1.06% complete)

That’s me now climbed 3 Munros out of 282 so only 1.06% complete! Hoping if the weather let’s me, I’ve do one more in September. Doubt, I will ever make it up all of them! But would be nice to do at least 5% to 10% of them!

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  1. You never know your luck, come September the UK could have an Indian summer, so don’t right it off just yet.
    But that’s a good start though.

  2. Maybe one day soon you will be posting photos from the top of Mount Everest, wearing lycra shorts . What a vision.

  3. Well done G., that is something I would love to do, if the weather was nice and there were zero midgies, ‘cos those little buggers seem 2 like Sassenach blood he he.

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