12 Replies to “Not been out cycling wearing this for a while…”

  1. Wow , that has to be one of the best photos ever . Fantastic
    Wonderful . Brilliant. Stunning. Great .

      1. Whether or not you had planned to get happy while out cycling, something triggered it & makes a fantastic view.

  2. 4 the life of me I can’t think what it can be, he he. Let me guess it is hidden in plane sight. LOL

  3. Fantastic Fit ! Gordon I would love to see the collection where did you say you accept donations? for special sights of youl never seen?

  4. Hey !!! I love this Cannondale Kit…….and your Mate is looking very happy and alert at….. 4.00 O’ Cock…..he he he….nice picture Gordon 🙂

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