May 042017

That truly was a totally amazing cycle! Reminds me, why I love cycling so much! Just a great way to see amazing scenery, much better than being in a metal box!

Of course for scenery, you can’t get much better than Scotland!!! Also can tell just how much fun, I was having! Since I ended up doing the longest cycle of 2017 so far! Ended up doing 63.5 miles!

Was also good fun doing route, that I’ve not done since August 2009, when I did the End to End cycle!

You can check out the full route and stats from the cycle @

I will now leave you with some photos from the cycle!!!

The full set of these photos can be seen @

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    Great! picture of you by the water beautiful Country where you travel and all seem easy to reach; USA one has to travel great distances to get such scenery.
    xox Gabriel

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