Second 40+ mile cycle, in so many days!

After not doing a 40+ mile cycle since September last year! I’ve now done two, in so many days! I did 46.26 miles on Sunday (9th April 2017), then 40.62 miles today! So getting closer to get my first 50+ mile of the year done! Really hoping, I get one in before the month is out!

Check out the route I took @

BMC Racing Team kit
BMC Racing Team kit
BMC Racing Team kit

4 Replies to “Second 40+ mile cycle, in so many days!”

  1. Great photos from your cycle ride.

    I hope you have a Great Easter & the weather stays fine & dry allowing you more cycle time without unnecessary baggage like a coat or a discreet wetsuit.

  2. I hope that your Easter is going well so far , if you are out on your bike , take care on what look like being busy roads

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