Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team!

I so need to get the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team kit next year! I mean, look at them shorts!!! Think of all the photos and vlogs, I could do wear them! Which reminds me, I do really need to film a new one…

4 Replies to “Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team!”

  1. Those guys R sure looking great in that gear, I mean look @ how well those shorts fit mmm & it’s my fav colour as well. Would it B wrong of me 2 want 2 B in gear with those guys; …. all night he he.

  2. Yep….The new Kit looks good too……YES…I feel You should be ordering this for next season Gordon…..those new Bib-Shorts will look mmmmmmmmmmmm on you.

  3. Damn it…….I am gonna order a set of this Kit for me too…….none of my current Cycle Kit is Team Clothing….so this will do nicely…..mmmmmm can hardly wait !!!!

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