Another O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuited cycle!

That was another great fun cycle, wearing my O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit! Just wish, I had a fit mate or even better a HOT boyfriend to gear up and come with me!

O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit
O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit
O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit

5 Replies to “Another O’Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuited cycle!”

    1. About 98% of the roads I cycle on are unlit! The fun of living in the middle of no where! Don’t worry, I have a good set of bike lights!

  1. Looking fab sir, nice and tight and just right, cute bum as well. Looks a bit wet and muddy in that field, careful wouldn’t want you to fall in and get all caked with mud ( Hmmmm or maybe I do, then I’d jump in and have a fun mud rassle with you in out tight wetsuits.) . Sadly I am far too old for you , I only think I’m young 🙂

    1. Maybe you should also start cyclng around in a wetsuit! Then others in your area, may think oh, that’s a great idea!!

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